A downloadable game for Windows

It's basically low poly Counterstrike in space.

Each round goes for 13 minutes and the goal is to blow up the enemy team's A.I. Core. Each level has a central arena, 2 spaceships, and many secrets and items to help win. The A.I. Core is located on the spaceships for each team and it's up to them to defend it while also trying to destroy the other team's Core before time runs out.

To Win a Round: Blow up the enemy A.I. Core. Prevent them from blowing up yours. By any means necessary.

Beta limitations:

  • It's not done yet
  • Bugs? If you find any, let me know and I'll fix them.



  • WASD + mouse -> movement
  • RMB -> zoom aim
  • LMB -> shoot
  • e -> use
  • i -> inventory
  • hold space -> use jetpack

* Game pads are supported


Install instructions

Just run the setup file and install to a directory of your choice. You should be good to go!

If you *DO* encounter any issues with installation, please let me know directly at dave@starshipassassin.com

Have fun!


StarshipAssassinSetup_beta5.exe 418 MB